Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Affiliated to Fudan University

Zhongshan South Hosptial  Fudan University


Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (SPHCC) is a first-class tertiary A hospital affiliated with Fudan University. It launched into operation on November 16th, 2004. SPHCC was formerly known as Shanghai Infectious Diseases Hospital, and was named as South Branch of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University in November 2014. The Center is located in the Jinshan District of Shanghai, near the S4/G15 highway exit to "Tingwei" Road. It covers an area of 33.3 hectares with 101, 389.22 square meters of building area. The Center has a branch in the Hongkou District of Shanghai with an area of 45 hectares and 26,026 square meters of building area.

The center was funded by Shanghai Municipal Government. Construction of the center was listed as "NO.1 Project" of Shanghai Municipal Government in 2004 and was an important part of the “Three-year Action Plan for Strengthening Public Health System." The hospital functions as a center for clinical management, teaching, scientific research and response to outbreak of public health events. It serves as the national training base for clinicians of infectious diseases and is designated as the center for HIV/AIDS education and training by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The hospital is also a clinical base for Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and one of the standardized training bases for infectious disease physicians in Shanghai. It is also a center of intensive care, consultation and rescue for critical pregnant women with liver diseases in Shanghai. Both the Shanghai Center for AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment and the Shanghai Institute for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases were established in SPHCC by Shanghai Health Bureau. The Center has two national key disciplines approved by the Ministry of Education of China: Infectious Diseases and Obstetrics and Gynecology. It has two national key laboratories: National Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Laboratory for Infectious Diseases and Biosafety Level-3 Laboratory. It is also one of the construction units for Shanghai key discipline of infectious diseases, and for national clinical discipline of infectious diseases. The center was granted certification as a drug clinical trial institution by SFDA. It has been granted the title of "Model Unit" by Shanghai Municipal Government consistently since 2010.

The Center has more than 900 staffs, including experts and professionals from Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and the former Shanghai Infectious Disease Hospital. The Center has many talented staffs who won titles such as “National Mid-Aged Expert with Remarkable Contributions,” “Shanghai Leading Talents,” “Shanghai Academic Leaders,”  and were funded by talents programs such as “National Key Talent Project,” “Shanghai Pujiang Program,” “Shanghai Science and Technology Development Funds,” and “Shanghai Leading Talent Plan in Tranditional Chinese Medicine Field.”

The Center is equipped with 660 beds. Clinical departments of the Center include the departments of Liver Diseases, Severe Liver Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Medicine, Internal Gastroenterology, General Internal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Orthopedics, Urinary Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Interventional radiology, Anesthesiology, Tuberculosis, Stomatology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Physical Examination Center, and many more. Other functional and auxiliary departments include departments of Radiology, Ultrasound, Clinical Laboratory, Pathology, Hemodialysis, Endoscope Center, Pharmacy, Institute Drug Clinical Trial, Nutrition, and many others.

The unique medical expertise of the Center includes multidisciplinary teamwork in management of  severe and complicated liver diseases, management of various infectious diseases, obstetric liver disease monitoring, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of specific infectious diseases, abdominal soft tissue tumor surgery, hepatobiliary disease surgery, thoracic surgery, various interventional therapy, surgery for patients with various special infections, blood purification treatment, laboratory identification of various pathogens, and imaging diagnosis. The Center has received a number of clinical achievement awards and scientific and technological achievements awards.

The Center has advanced medical instruments and equipment, such as Philips three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound imaging system, Siemens 128 slice spiral CT, 1.5T and 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, digital angiography machine, multi-function digital X-ray machine, high end color Doppler ultrasound, Olympus endoscopy (290), continuous hemofiltration machine (EQUAsmart), Drager ZEUS anesthesia machine, integrated intelligent targeting positioning robot system (ROBIO EX), digital operating room, ECMO life support system, an artificial liver support system (MARS), multicolor flow cytometer, gene sequencing machines and Bechman Ultracentrifuge. The Center has established a digital information management system, a medical image storage and transmission system (PACS), a telemedicine and medical teaching system, information network commanding system for infectious disease diagnosis and treatment, all of which facilitate expert consultation, academic communication, educational training and patient visiting.

The Center has over 80 full-time research specialists. It has established extensive cooperative relationships with many medical and scientific research institutions across the world in emerging and re-emerging infectious disease fields. In the recent five years, the Center has undertaken nearly 60 national key research programs including National 973 program and 863 Program, the 12th Five-Year research project for infectious disease, the 12th Five-Year Initiative project for new drug discovery, and Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, etc. The Center has been honored with at least 10 scientific awards including National Medical Science Award, Shanghai Scientific and Technological Advancement Award, Shanghai Medical Science Award, and Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Award.  

The Center has the first BSL-3 Lab in Shanghai and the Research Sharing Platform which integrates laboratory diagnosis, scientific research, platform service and talent training. The Center joined Shanghai Research and Development Sharing Platform in 2006 and was approved in 2011 as the first batch of Shanghai Professional and Technical Service Platform. It also achieved the honor of advanced unit for sharing services.